Love Generation Leader

Simply mentioning his name sets the dance floors on fire. For over 15 years, Bob Sinclar, star DJ, has inundated the planet with his electro-house hits with eclectic atmospheres all aimed at one thing: making the crowds dance. For the artist, everything really started in the 90s.

While working as a DJ in several Paris clubs, he created with DJ Yellow, the record label Yellow Productions, specialized in electro, trip-hop and soul. In 1997, he brought out the maxi single “Disco 2000 Selector Volume 1”, ambitious and unifying.

It was the beginning of Bob Sinclar’s planetary success, which made the dance floors shake from Paris to New York, as well as in Tokyo, Berlin or London. He then started to turn out the sets, the albums, the hits and the brilliant remixes: “I Feel For You”, “The Beat goes on”, “Love Generation”, “World, hold on”, “Rock this party”, “Lala Song”, “Fuck with you”, “Far l’Amore”, and “Groupie”…  to mention but a few.