A rising star

He is not just another big-shot-producer-turned-DJ, rather one of a rare new- breed of all around artists who excels in both disciplines. Having spent a decade quietly learning his trade and perfecting his skills, he is now rising to the top of a brave new musical world.

It's Mike Vale's release on Tomcraft's Munich based Great Stuff Records that can be considered his big break. Played by everyone and reaching the heady heights of the top of the Beatport charts, the response to "Pretty Woman" was so huge that Mike and the label decided to promote it further with an arty music video that was picked up and charted by MTV.

2011 was undoubtedly a great year for Mike Vale and in May his talent was further recognised when he was endorsed as a highly rated, emerging talent by Beatport, who included him in the Top 3 hottest tech-house artists in the industry.