House Music Legend

Ambassador and icon of nowadays electronic dance movement, Roger Sanchez was born in Queens, New York.

"DJ's DJ" and "Producer's producer" are the nicknames he's received thanks to his musical trajectory and his countless hits and EP's carrying on his shoulders. Both his own music and remixes with artists like Daft Punk, Madonna, Maroon 5 or Kylie Minogue is what makes Roger Sanchez an unprecedented phenomenon, getting over 15.000.00 listeners with his radio program Release Yourself.

Café Olé stands proud and gives the welcome him once again to a full-season residence at The Terrace of Space Ibiza every Monday. His explosive blend of Deep House, Latin, Tribal and Tech Sounds will turn Café Olé nights into an insane scenario where to enjoy the craziest and funniest nights of the White Isle.