Groundbreaking duo

Crazibiza arises from the project in common of Tommyboy and Agebeat. What's their mission? Having fun mixing old vinyls, samplers and all kind of styles to find out the best remix.

Since their beginning in 2010, Crazibiza have been one of the most successful duos in the scene thanks to catchy tunes such as 'Spinning Around', 'My lips' or 'Perra Lady'. More than 50 releases in a single year it's only an example of their passion for what they do. So it shouldn't be a surprise the fact that Tommyboy and Agebeat have travelled around the world spreading their electrifying music in just 5 years.

Born in Budapest and currently based in Miami, the duo arrives to Café Olé Ibiza with their casual and cheerful style for a formidable season full of great mixes by their side.