The Voice on Ibiza

Born in Barcelona in 1982, Patrizze is a house music singer with an extensive background in the dance music industry.

Massive artists have teamed-up on stage with Patrizze: Wally Lopez, Juanjo Martin, Vitti, Dj.Nano, Albert Neve, T.Tommy, V.Belenguer, Rafa Ariza, Javi Always, Ferran Benavent, Mr.Bosco, Hugo Sanchez, Mikel Molina... and she's done lives with Jocelyn Brown, Ultranate, Manuel Moore, Dani-Vi, Nalaya, Nuria Swan, Nika Lawrence.

Patrizze scored a big hit with her track "Tomorrow People" which went straight to #1 in FlaixFM playlist and she has played more than a 100 lives in 23 cities and 34 clubs.