Burlesque Superheroine

Heather Sweet, Dita's real name, currently lives between Hollywood and Paris, surrounded by her pets and rarely showing up in public events, that's why it is quite hard to find a place where to attend to one of her shows. The artist, born in 1972 in Michigan (USA) started her career back 1992, becoming a strong advocate of new Burlesque, a comic, musical and erotic gender entertaining US citizens over a century between 1840 and 1960.

Some of her shows have included horse's carrousels, a giant powder puff, a filigree made heart and a vintage claw-foot bathtub. Her feather fan dance, inspired by the burlesque dancer Sally Rand, was performed with world's biggest feather fan, exhibited now at Sex Museum in Hollywood. Another famous show of her is the one where she swims in a Martini giant glass.

"I'm a good dancer and a pretty girl, but, above all, a great showgirl"