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Café Olé amazed friends and strangers with a show in true Vegas style

The Erótica party showed that the most transgressive, conceptual and imaginative Brand has much to say on the night of the White Isle.

The Main Room completely changed their set, stage and design. The props filled the room with the sole intention of making sense of the chosen theme: Erótica.

The club was filled with strip poles, neon lights and platforms with the sole intention of transcending to a Las Vegas night club, where the sensuous sway of the dancers, aerial shows, the visual spectacle and the best Tech House made for a special night.

For the occasion, the Café Olé family formed by the Hungarians Crazibiza, rockers House South Brothers, incombustible Jonathan Ulysses, the talented Rafha Madrid, diva Ultra Naté, stunning Soraya Arnelas, the always amazing Miss Davilota and the histrionic Baby Marcelo, joined Enrico ArghentiniMarc Vedo and superstar Boy George.

Enrico Arghentini has traveled throughout Italy with his suitcase full of timeless hits. Knowing the tastes and passions of Café Olé attendees, he lit the wick of the polysexual ultimate party with songs like “I’m Gone”.

Marc Vedo was another guest the night of “Erótica”, considered by readers of DJ Mag as one of the 100 most important DJs in the world for 2 consecutive years, dazzled the audience with lively and fresh Techno House. Tracks like “Freak Out”, “Desert Strom” and “Fresh” were heard in theMain Room.

Boy George, the highlight of the night, considered the king of the New Romantic and Prince of Pop in the 80s, came toCafé Olé to show that he also dominates the decks, the rhythm and temperature of the attendees. With his distinctive aesthetic, George dished a great deal of his art, while the production design rounded out his performance.

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