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Tuesday, 08 July 2014 02:00


Monday, July 7 the new installment of Café Olé Orient Strip moved to Space Ibiza once again.

The recreation of a 40's burlesque cabaret in Los Angeles, when Asian decoration and imaginary became trendy, could only have one result after passing through the transgressor filter of Café Olé Ibiza: spectacular.

While the team of dancers evoked Mandarin mysticism, the DJs and artists offered their best uncensored performance in a forbidden eroticism environment. Ultra Naté, Soraya Arnelas, Baby Marcelo and Patrizze expressed their art in a manner that owned the show. On the other hand, the most current Techno-House had other worthy representatives. The Cube Guys, House South Brothers, Jonathan Ulysses and Daniel Carrasco were chosen to deliver their mixes to the audience.

Daniel Carrasco was the first on the scene. His crushing beats spread from the cabin and could be appreciated from either side of the dance floor. Behind him, the singer Patrizze took all her vocal artillery like a Xian warrior.

While Carrasco continued his set, the estremenian Soraya Arnelas presented her show impressing everyone with her ease on stage. Her powerful voice and performance marked the crucial moment to introduce the DJs that came minutes later, The Cube Guys.

The Italian duo made up of Roberto Intrallazzi and Luca Provera lifted the mood of the Main Room with its distinctive Progressive-House, while the suggestive party reached one of its high points. In the equator of the session, the House muse Ultra Naté wowed the audience with her passionate interpretation of songs with suggestive movements. Late at night, Baby Marcelo brought fun and the "cheeky Drag" that makes him unique.

House South Brothers, star residents of Café Olé Ibiza, closed the night with their undeniable appeal and inimitable electric guitar spectacle. Similarly, Jonathan Ulysses covered himself in glory in the Sunset area throughout the evening, as it has already become customary.

From the Orient to Erotica, next week is our trip through the most explosive sensuality. Buy a ticket or your VIP pass and start your journey to the climax of Café Olé Ibiza.