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Thursday, 19 June 2014 02:00


Last Monday 16th June took place the Opening of the most creative party in Ibiza, Café Olé.

With a revolution in its night themes, this classic event of the White Isle introduced us Orient Strip, a party that overcame its objectives: surprise, persuade and entertain.

Orient Strip didn't fail to what it was expected, transferring the most glamorous oriental atmosphere to Space Ibiza, always with the unique touch of sensuality made in Café Olé. Geishas, ​​red lanterns and totems were proof that Mondays in the best club in the world always take its theme proposal to the maximum exponent.

Musically speaking, Café Olé was simply great. Artists like Crazibiza, House South Brothers, The Cube Guys, Ramon Castells, Rafha Madrid made the audience enjoy an intense and passionate Techno-House. Sharam, the highlight of the night, appeared on the scene at 3:00h, providing a great set that left the clubbers with a smile on their face. The Emmy awarded managed to bring out his best version on the Main Room of Space Ibiza, where the audience didn't stop jumping and dancing.

As Ibiza residents know, Café Olé is not just music or scenography. Unforgettable shows are very important part of the night; Miss Davilota andBaby Marcelo live up Space Ibiza Main Room with their performances.

Ultra Naté and Soraya Arnelas were the icing on the cake. The House Diva gave us a great gig, with new songs and electronic music classics like "Automatic", while the new member of the party, Soraya Arnelas, demonstrated her powerful voice for the first time at Café Olé Ibiza.

We will continue enjoying this polysexual party at Platja d'en Bossa club for 13 more dates this season. Are you ready for what's coming next?