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Thursday, 18 September 2014 02:00

Café Olé: See you next year!

Café Olé departs from Ibiza to travel the world after 14 exciting dates. The last one, on September 15th, showed that the polysexual party of Space Ibiza is renowned for its production and performances.

Time has come to and end, but they did their best on their last night to bid farewell. Ultra Naté, Soraya Arnelas, Albert Neve, Danny Leblack, House South Brothers, Jonathan Ulysses, Rafha Madrid, The Cube Guys, Patrizze, Baby Marcelo, Diva Houston and Miss Davilota were the names on the line-up.

The Main Room was decorated for the last time this year as Orient Strip. Even on its opening, the Sunset Area kept the attendees entertained with the start of the longest night set. Jonathan Ulysses did not skimp on his last night at Café Olé.

But the big closing party was simmering inside the club. Among the dancers, acrobats and artists, they were not going to let us breathe a single minute. And from the beginning the production was the protagonist. Sculpted bodies inviting to dance, while hanging acrobats danced to hits that the Café Olé DJs had prepared.

Albert Neve and Danny Leblack were the guests of the evening. Although they were back this season, were aware from the outset of Café Olé that it was a special date, a one of a kind party. The family of resident DJs of the polysexual brand, House South Brothers, Rafha Madrid and The Cube Guys completed the deal of the night on the decks. Café Olé went from Classic House by The Cube Guys and Rafha Madrid to EDM by the guitar of House South Brothers, through the Tech House of Danny Leblack and the Progressive House of Albert Neve. Definitely good music.

The offering of Café Ole would be caught without them, the vocalists of the party shared the moment with the audience live. Divas, stars, artists... Ultra Naté and Soraya Arnelas all season have kept a very high level in their performances and for the last day on the island would not be less. And next to the guest Patrizze you could see a sight of the best club in the world.

But what would be Café Olé without its performances? Diva Houston, Miss Davilota and Baby Marcelo transgressed a much valued night established in the Queen room of Space Ibiza. Dances, performances, and show surrounds these three geniuses.

Café Olé bids farewell with a "see you soon" from Ibiza to travel the world on its 15th anniversary. Brazil, Indonesia, Israel, USA and several European capitals will enjoy the essence of Ibiza's hand polysexual brand. See ya!

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